Food Service  

Lunch Prices:

Milk - $.50
Breakfast - $1.25
K-5 Lunch - $2.10
6-12 Lunch - $2.35

No charging of lunches is permitted.

We offer:
Breakfast -
Milk, Fruit, or Juice (2)
Cereal, Bagel half, 
English Muffin or Toast

Lunch - 
Main Meal, Vegetable, Fruit, Milk 
Grades 3-12 and Staff
Salad Bar is offered Everyday with Fruit, Milk, and Cracker
Salad bar or salad plates and deli bar is offered daily to staff and students in grades three through twelve.  Three items may be chosen daily from the menu.  

Remember - You may order field trip lunches.
Lunches can be paid daily, weekly, or monthly.