Nestled in one of the most popular and beautiful recreational and resort areas of New York State, the Honeoye Central School District covers 86 square miles just inside the western border of Ontario County. Situated 30 miles south of Rochester, the Honeoye region features green valleys, hills rising to more than 2,000 feet and three picturesque lakes. Tourists enjoy swimming, boating and fishing during the summer months and skiers visit several popular resorts in the 

The year round population density is concentrated along the shores of Honeoye Lake. A variety of retail businesses, light industrial complexes and family farm operations can be found in the community of Honeoye.

Our school campus serves as the center of community activity including adult education programs, recreational activities and meeting sites for various groups and organizations. Residents take great pride in the district's on-going commitment to meeting the needs of all of its students, parents and community residents in a personal way.



From the full-day kindergarten program to advanced placement opportunities for high school students, Honeoye Central's students, parents, staff and Board of Education members are proud of Honeoye Central's educational program.

A full menu of services includes a well-defined technology plan, which has seen computers added to elementary and secondary classrooms each year. Honeoye's full-day kindergarten program features a modified two-year sequence option. For K-5 classes, thematic units are planned around a central topic and are a highlight each year. Enrichment programs enhance the quality educational benefits for all students.

Secondary programs include a strong academic core which challenges students with high standards and expectations for achievement. A full range of elective courses are available in visual and performing arts, business and technology. Advanced Placement classes and college-level courses through Syracuse University Project Advance and Finger Lakes Community College allow high school students to earn college credit.

Opportunities in extra-curricular clubs, intramurals and athletics provide an extension to the academic program.