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Media Art/ A Visual Communication 

reel big fish      Tools of the Trade 

Macintosh Professional Labs


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe In-Design
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Muse
Adobe Premier Pro
iMovie Video Editing

Nikon D90
Sony Digital Camcorders


Wide Format Color Printer for poster and stickers

Glossy White for Poster Production
Heat Transfer Material for t-shirt production

Heat Transfer Press 

For Graphic T-shirt production 

All About Us
Visual Communication is the process of conveying and/or persuading ideas through the use of the visual senses. 

Media Arts, the foundation course for all of the courses mentioned on pages within this website, introduces the basic tools and skills needed to successfully design and publish any form of visual communication.  

Elements & Principals of Design.... the building blocks of visual communication .... as grammar is to the English language. 
Optics and Computer Science ... the behavior and properties of visible light and color and how they are used differently in print media and web design.  

Who Needs Visual Communications Skills? 

Personally Attracting Job Opportunities through network marketing with resumes and business cards that stand out in a crowd.  
Marketing with visual Presentations, both through eye-catching print and slide presentations. 
Small Business  Informal Graphics and Company Branding easily communicates your company's specialties and "brands" company name/logo in your client's minds.  
Big Business  Video and Commercial Advertising, Animated Web Design, and Jaw Dropping Sales Presentations.