Speech & Language Apps
Why use apps to improve speech and language skills?

1. Tablets and phones are motivating! Studies have shown that children are more motivated to interact with an electronic device than they are by paper-and-pencil activities.
2. Many apps offer free or "lite" versions so programs can be sampled before making a more expensive purchase.
3. Apps provide an opportunity for parents and their children to spend time together while reinforcing education at home.
4. Regardless of a child's age or ability level, tablets make information accessible through voice or touch.
5. Apps can be easily incorporated into playing, reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and more!
6. For students working on their articulation skills, many apps allow recording of a child's productions. This helps with comparing progress later, as well as providing the child a chance to self-evaluate.
7. Apps are cost and time saving. They are generally cheaper than purchasing books or other materials, easier to access, and they help save the environment.
8. Most apps can be adapted to different levels to meet your child's specific needs.
9. As technology continues to expand within the educational setting, electronic devices and apps provide students with access to the Internet and all of the great technological resources that are available in that context.
10. Many apps facilitate literacy development, a key factor in determining a child's academic success. 
Read on to see some of our favorite or highly-rated apps!

Apps for Articulation

**Many articulation apps are expensive ($30-40 or more), HOWEVER, this is generally the case to purchase the full app with all sounds. Only the sound that your child is working on needs to be purchased, which greatly reduces the cost. Most articulation apps have a free or "lite" version and in-app purchases for a single sound range from $2-7, with some exceptions. Please be sure to keep this in mind when looking to purchase an app for articulation practice. 
**Please also know that prices are subject to change. The prices listed below are current as of the construction of this page.
Articulation Flip Book (free)
Small Talk Phonemes (free)
Quick Artic (free)
Articulation Carnival (free; requires in-app purchase)
Artik Pix (free; requires in-app purchase)
Phonics Studio (free)
Articulation Station (free; requires in-app purchase)
Webber Photo Artic Castle (free; requires in-app purchase)
Speech with Milo: Articulation ($6.99; may require in-app purchase)
/r/ Intensive ($19.99)
All About Sounds ($1.99)
Speech Hangman ($4.99 + in-app purchase for specific sounds)
Articulation Scenes ($29.99)
Articulation Games ($34.99)
Tic-Tac-Talk ($4.99 + in-app purchase for specific sounds)
Apps for Language
Homophones (free)
Touch the Sound (free)
Story Wheel Lite (free)
Comparative Adjectives (free)
Let's Name Things Fun Deck (free)
Same Sound Spell Bound - homophones ($0.99)
Noodle Words HD ($2.99)
Magical Concepts ($4.99)
More Fun with Directions ($15.99)
Categories Learning Center ($9.99)
Things That Go Together ($0.99)
House of Learning ($6.99)
Preposition Remix ($9.99)
Auditory Workout ($19.99)
Splingo's Language Universe ($2.99)
Rainbow Sentences ($7.99)
Describe It SLP ($8.99)
Language Adventures ($14.99)
Wh- Question Cards (free; requires in-app purchase required for more cards)
Compare & Contrast Fun Deck ($3.99)
Speech With Milo (there are several different Milo apps - verbs, sequencing, prepositions, feelings, adjectives; most range from $.99-2.99)
Sentence Builder: Teen ($5.99)