Agenda - May 11, 2016

Honeoye Parent Teacher Association

Honeoye Central School District

8528 Main Street

Honeoye, NY 14471

(585) 229-5171


Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at 6 pm



Open Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance


Guest Speaker –David Bills –2016-2017 Proposed School Budget

Secretary’s Minutes – Laura Zweig submitted

Correspondence – Cyndi Sherman

Treasurer’s Report – Sarah Marshall – Budget

Board of Ed and CDEP info – Matt Gillette

Old Business:

  • Membership – update – Outstanding memberships- $4 each is due to National PTA by 5/31/16.
  • Nominating Committee –  Voting for Nominees:

    Tammy Smith- President
    Carole Drake- VP
    Jenna Flynn- Treasurer
    Kate Deprez Ransom- Corresponding Secretary (& Membership)
    John Cheer- Recording Secretary
    Sara Tompkins- Teacher Rep
    Matt Gillette- Parent Rep


  • Science Fair – 4/8 – 27 projects with 30 students! Honeoye Robotics and Honeoye Lego Robotics also attended. We raised $224.02 at the door for Golisano Children’s Hospital.  Honeoye Robotics Club donated the proceeds from the Bake Sale to GCH. Mike Shaughnessy said they will continue to come and do not need bake sale money in the future.
  • Staff Appreciation Week – May 2-6 – Update from Cyndi Sherman.  Budget $600.
  • Drug Forum – Tuesday, April 12 from 7-8 pm in the Auditorium, Grades 6-12 and any District Parents – 15 people attended.
  • Bulldog Stickers – purchased for Primary grades (K-2) for positive behaviors (total was $151.00)
  • Prizes for Anti-Bullying Poster contest – will supply 12-$10 gift certificates for Mill Creek Ice Cream (2 winners/grade level) and $80 left for other smaller prizes/incentives (ice cream from HCS cafeteria?)



    New Business:

  • Insurance Premium increased to $275 (from $235) due June 15th online. (No paper bill.)
  • Dawg Gone Fun Day –Budget of $150. for popsicles and chips (June).  We need 2 volunteers to hand these out during students’ lunches (11 am to 1 pm, or so).
  • K-11 Art Show cookies – ordered 6 dozen through CORAL program. $24 to CORAL as soon as we can.
  • Outhouse for 4th Grade Field Trip.  We will be billed (in our PO Box in May).
  • Closing the budget for the end of this school year – Audit Committee needs to meet in June, PRIOR to July 1 (start of next Board).
  • Budget for next year (Collect ideas for next Board.)
  • Calendar for 2016-2017 (Ideas for next Board, how to)


Other Business:

  • Next Meeting – Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 6 pm.  Wrap-up school year!