Minutes - June 11, 2015


Honeoye Parent Teacher Association

Honeoye Central School District

8528 Main Street

Honeoye, NY 14471

(585) 229-5171


Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 6 pm

Elementary Library

Meeting Minutes


Open Meeting – 6:13 pm. In attendance: Laura Zweig, Cyndi Sherman, Janelle Deal and Sarah Marshall

Pledge of Allegiance

Welcome and Volunteer Appreciation – Volunteer gifts were sent home in backpacks, Board gifts given tonight. Flowers were given to Kathy Hoertz (Elem Secretary) yesterday. Janelle made the motion to reimburse Laura  $19 for Kathy’s flowers, Sarah second. All in favor, carried.

Secretary’s Minutes – (Open position) – Cyndi approved May minutes, Sarah 2nd.

Correspondence – Cyndi Sherman – Laura sent each presenter at HPTA meetings a thank you card. Laura will work on thank you’s to the people and companies who donated items to Teacher Appreciation this year.  This will be done over summer vacation.

Treasurer’s Report – Sarah Marshall  - Be-Mar roller skating was paid today. PTA insurance was paid=$235. PTA registration was paid=$44.  Starting balance=$3580.82, ending=$3114.28. Penny Lane (spirit wear) and  outhouse=outstanding bills. Sarah will order checks over the summer. Laura will purchase stamps for thank you’s with debit card.  These transactions will be considered 2014-2015.

Board of Ed and CDEP info – Matt Gillette – no report, as Matt was not in attendance. Janelle offered that there is a new contract for teachers.

Old Business:

  • Spirit Wear – Jeanne Higgins – update – umbrellas will be delivered tomorrow.
  • Family Fitness Night – Jeanne Higgins and Laura Zweig  – May 15 – Lancers soccer, lacrosse, karate and hula hoops.  14 kids showed up. $56.53 spent on baby carrots, Ranch dressing and pretzels. Those that attended had a blast!
  • Bylaws – Matt Gillette and Laura Zweig  Expires 07/01/2015.
  • Dawg Gone Fun Day – popsicles and chips – budget of $150. Lancers are comfirmed to have 2 players attend.
  • Budget for next year – Deleted MS & HS rollerskating (x2), Christmas in Honeoye is tentative ($250), increased DARE graduation to $75 (larger 5th grade this coming year), increased Family Dance to $400, deleted Carnival Night, increased Science Fair to $100 (for possible RMSC raffle for students participants), added Thank you gifts (end of year) $100.  Fundraising for 2015-2016: Square 1 Art, spirit wear. Other possibilities: YoBerry and McDonald’s “McCare Night”.  These will be discussed with Mr. Bastian and Mr. Bill over the summer.  Laura will also ask Wegmans for a donation to defray costs.  2015-2016 BUDGET WAS VOTED IN WITH A MAJORITY OF BOARD PRESENT.



  • Closing the budget for the end of this school year – See Treasure’s report.
  • Calendar for 2015-2016 – Discontinued: MS & HS roller skating (poor attendance), Carnival (not enough volunteers). Following are the dates for next year's events for the HPTA: W 9/16/15  HPTA meeting at 6 pm Th 10/8/15 HPTA meeting at 6 pm F 10/23/15 Fall Fun Fest at  6:30-8 pm Th 11/12/15 HPTA meeting at 6 pm W 12/9/15 HPTA meeting at 6 pm F 12/11/15 Christmas In Honeoye at  6:30-8 pm (tentative, as per volunteers) Th 1/14/16 HPTA meeting at 6 pm F 1/22:16 Elem Movie Night at 6-8:30 pm F 2/5/16 Family Dance at 6:30-8 pm W 2/10/16 HPTA meeting at 6 pm F 2/19/16 Family Roller skating at 6:30-8 pm (during Feb Recess- Carnival Themed??) W 3/9/16 HPTA meeting at 6 pm F 3/11/16 Science Fair at 6:30-8 pm Th 4/7/16 HPTA meeting  at6 pm F 4/8/16 Family Sports Night at 6:30-8 pm M-F 5/2 to 5/6/16 Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week (day time) W 5/11/16 HPTA meeting at 6 pm Th 6/9/16 HPTA meeting at 6 pm


These dates will be sent to Mike Bastian and David Bills prior to sending to Debbie Vanderbroek for submission in the district calendar.  Laura will also submit building usage requests to Sharon Greenwood.


New Business:


Other Business: Laura will complete National PTA “Form A” (unit information) by 6/15/15.



Next Meeting –  Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 16, 2015!

Adjournment – 7:40 pm. Sarah 1st, Cyndi 2nd.