Minutes - September 16, 2015

Honeoye Parent Teacher Association

Honeoye Central School District

8528 Main Street

Honeoye, NY 14471

(585) 229-5171


Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at 6 pm

Meeting Minutes


Open Meeting 6:12 pm -  In attendance: Laura Zweig, Janelle Deal, Jodie Pineda, Jeanne Higgins, Priscilla Petrone, Matt Gillette, Jesslin Dotson and Elizabeth Hass

Pledge of Allegiance


Secretary’s Minutes – June’s minutes approved by Janelle Deal, 2nd Matt Gillette

Correspondence – Cyndi Sherman – Received a thank you note from Wayne Ackles for “New Principal Night”

Treasurer’s Report – Sarah Marshall – Budget – Starting balance $2138.05. Audit of 2014-2015 school year completed in July by Matt Gillette and Laura Zweig

BOE and CDEP Update – Matt Gillette

Old Business:

  • Calendar of Events/Building usage – Dates for Family Dance and Science Fair need to be set. – PTA members voted unanimously to cancel Sport Night (for now), set Science Fair for April 8 and Family Dance for 2/26.
  • Bylaws – Received approved bylaws on June 22. Expires on 7/1/2018.
  • Membership – All Teachers, Principals & Mr. Bills received Membership info.
  • New Teacher Luncheon – not needed this year, $0 spent

New Business:

  • Fall Fun Fest (Oct. 23) – Committee Chair needed – Laura Zweig will chair, but NEEDS VOLUNTEERS!!
  • Square 1 Art – Chair: Jodi Zuck – Elementary will begin soon (in art class). Nursery school and Middle School also have supplies to complete.  Jodi will get info out soon.  Laura will decorate one of the display cases in the elem office hallway prior to Open House.
  • Open House (Secondary) (Sept 1) Membership - $12 – No memberships received.  5 people took membership forms.
  • Open House (Elem) (Sept. 24) – volunteers needed.  Note pads $3, Membership $12, Small Spirit Wear items 50 cents.
  • Spirit Wear – Dates for Fall?? – Jeanne will call Penny Lane to set up.  Elizabeth (Alissa) Hass will supply pricing for lanyards and umbrellas from a different provider.  Jeanne also gave Laura (in Sarah’s absence) $10 cash received from Penny Lane for profits from Spring 2015 sale.
  • Guest Speakers – Ideas?? – October=Wayne Ackles (Meet and Greet), November=Christine Antelek (Homework Help), December=none, January/February/March/April=Karen Soanes (Tech)/Dyson Williamson (School Safety)/CoraFaye Bennett (Drug Awareness) (Not sure of when each person will present.  Laura will continue working towards filling these spots.) May=David Bills (School Budget) and June=none.
  • Donations – Do we ask families for “opt-out money”?? – NO!! David Bills said absolutely not, so we don’t even need to discuss.

Other Business:



Next Meeting – Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 6 pm

Adjournment – 7:42 pm. Motion=Jodie Pineda 1st, Jeanne 2nd.