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Senior Scholarships

This scholarship is open to any Honeoye band student planning to continue their education -- college, technical school, the military or religious study.
QUALIFYING TASKS: Mandatory + 2 Electives
Perform at least 15 hours of service to the band program.*
Suggestions for service hours include:
  • Assist with HCS band concerts or performances that you are not participating in as a musician. (i.e. All-County, Middle School, Jazz, etc.)
  • Volunteer at Can & Bottle Drives or Chicken BBQs.
  • Help with and/or play in the Elementary Band Recruitment event at the end of the year.
  • Tutoring a younger band student.
  • Play in Pit Band for Drama Club productions (one show maximum may be counted).
  • Special projects assigned by your band teacher or HBB.
* You may begin accumulating hours in 9th grade. This averages out to just 5 hours of service per year if you plan ahead!  You are strongly encouraged to check current service hours regularly, before the last semester of your senior year.
Electives - Complete any 2 of the following 5 options.
Option 1 
Rehearse with the band and conduct a piece in concert.  This requires approval from the Band Director.  Preference will be given to music theory students.
Option 2
Compose an essay of 250 words or more to be typed or neatly written, proofread and of final grade quality.  The topic is to be your favorite composer.  The paper should include biographical background and description of the composer's style.  Explain why this composer and their music appeals to you. A reference list must be included.  The essay must be submitted to the Band Boosters by the scholarship requirements deadline.
Option 3
Prepare a piece that you have not played in a concert at school.  Record yourself playing for at least three minutes.  Upload your recording to YouTube and send the link to the Band Boosters or save your recording on a CD / flash drive and submit.
Option 4
Compose a piece of music in some point of your senior band experience.  Present a band ready copy to Band Boosters or the Band Director.  (Appropriate level of difficulty will be determined by the Band Director)
Option 5
Serve as a band officer for one or more years during senior high band: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, public relations or equipment manager.
These options are only suggestions.  You are free to come up with your own idea.  All ideas must be approved by the Band Boosters and the Band Director.
HHB Senior Scholarship Brochure