Band Boosters » Senior Scholarship Process

Senior Scholarship Process

How to qualify for a scholarship:
  1. You must present Band Boosters a letter of intent stating your 3 task goals.
  2. This letter is due no later than November 1st of your senior year.
  3. Mail or email your letter to the Band Boosters President
Cyndi Sherman
8937 Cratsley Hill Road
Springwater, NY 14560
4. Completion of all goals is required by May 31st of your senior year.
5. Please communicate with the Band Boosters when a goal is reached.
6. Once goals are set, they should not be changed.
When do I receive my scholarship?
You will receive your scholarship check at graduation.  We ask that you cash it by July 15th so that accounts be balanced.  Exchange students may claim their scholarship at the graduation ceremony or via mail if a forwarding address is given.