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Athletic Trainer

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BrownStone Physical Therapy and Athletic Training is back in Bulldog Territory! Meet Kassy Heller, ATC, LMT, our licensed athletic trainer and Hannah Marvin, PT, DPT, our licensed physical therapist. They will be covering most home varsity events. They will also have training room appointments each week. Please check the training room door for posted times!

The purpose of the athletic trainer is to “keep you in the game”. The smartest way to use the trainer is to let Kassy or Hannah know about all of your injuries, bruises, or strains, no matter what they are, big or small, so that they can work thier magic and minimize your loss of playing time. Don’t let a small issue get big!

Want to stay strong throughout the season? BrownStone has worked with college and professional athletes. Believe it or not, these three habits are crucial to athletic success:

  1. Staying hydrated: never wait to be thirsty, “drink ahead” and don’t wait for the thirst mechanism to tell you that you need to drink (you don’t need Gatorade)
  2. Getting plenty of sleep: that means 8 hrs!
  3. Eat: do not skip meals and do not over eat

So, use your trainer for medical questions of all sorts and stay ahead of injury by addressing the small ailments before they get big!

Dr. Clarke Brown, PT, DPT

Hannah Marvi, PT, DPT, Cert VRS

Kassy Heller, ATC, LMT

Trainer this Week
11/23 - Kassy will be available on Tuesday from 2:15pm-3:30pm
You can always call Brownstone Physical Therapy at 585-412-6391 to get in to see someone.  
401 South Main Street. Canandaigua, NY 14424