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Welcome to Global History and Geography 9 & 10's



“Study the past if you would define the future.” 
― Confucius



a) Global H+G 10 (Periods 2, 5 and 7) =


- The Cold War - PROXY WARS

(Cambodia and Latin America)

- "Modern" China

- G10 Writers Workshop

b) Global H+G 9 (Periods 4 and 8) = 


-Tang and Song Dynasties

- Medieval Korea

- Medieval Japan


Global H+G 10 (Periods 2, 5 and 7) =


1) Review What We Learned in Class Each 
Day for about 15 Minutes!


2) Complete your CASTLE LEARNING m.c. practice

q's on THIS WEEK'S topics by Friday, 3/22/19.



* Global H+G 9 (Periods 4 and 8) =

1) Review What We learned in Class Each 
Day for about 15 Minutes!


2) Self-Grade this week's Playlists on the Tang/ Song Dynasties

and Medieval Korea/ Japan by Friday, 3/22/19.



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Gemini Sociology 100

Welcome to FLCC Gemini Sociology 100!

Sociology 100:  Introduction to Sociology, FLCC 

"Economic production, and the structure of society of every historical epoch (memorable date or event) necessarily arising there from, constitute the foundation for the political and intellectual history of that epoch ....."  

-Friedrich Engels (1883), the preface of the German Translation of the Communist Manifesto. 

What does social scientists mean by the "structure of society?" How do social structures impact us, and in what ways do they constitute the foundations for history, as Engels asserts? 

Sociology shows us how our beliefs, behaviors, successes and failures are shaped by the world "out there" - by things such as schools, occupations, families, religion, gender and/or race.  In this course, we look at the world through "sociological eyes" using both classical and contemporary readings; become familiar with common sociological concepts; and make every effort to apply their insights to our own lives. 

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Your Course Resources Include:

1.  Notebook/classnotes
2.  Your blue and red/yellow textbooks 
3.  GH+G 9 and 10 Google classroom posted info/ resources
3.  Castle-Learning
6. Mrs. Beeman, Ms. Ryan, and Mr. Sulecki