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Online Reference Links



Art on the Net

Visit artists studios and roam their galleries



Great resource for information regarding artists and art terms.


Louvre Museum

The world famous Louvre Museum's home page. Take a virtual tour. See some of the world's great art treasures!


Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester

World class exhibits housed locally in Rochester.


World Wide Arts Resources

View art exhibits from around the world.



American Savings Education Council

Information on financial tools to encourage young people to invest and save.


U.S. Department of Labor

Provides labor statistics.


U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Information regarding stocks and bonds.


Career Magazine

Online magazine for career resources.


Career Toolkit

Career interest quiz, look for jobs, create a resume.




King Arthur site. Explore texts, bios, etc.


Internet Movie Database

Complete resource of films, actors, directors, etc.


MLA Style Page

MLA documentation style.


Literary Criticism

Search for literary criticism on the Internet Public Library web site.


Internet Public Library

Online library resources.


Project Gutenberg

Full text works of famous authors.



Search for quotations by topic, author, etc.



An amazing source for full text online literature.


World of Education

Resources for teachers and students.


About Poetry

Poets, poetic styles, various time periods.


International Library of Poetry

Search by poet for poems, etc.


Dr. Grammar

Grammar resources, word origins fun with words, etc.


Grammar Slammer

Style and usage, capitalization, abbreviations, letter writing, etc.


Foreign Language

Spanish.Language & Culture

Spanish grammar exercises mixed with informative cultural information.




CNN news stories in Spanish


Destination 360

Facts, culture and more about France.



Government Agencies

U.S. House of Representatives

Official website. Locate and e-mail your representative and examine

legislative issues


U.S. Senate

Official website. Track legislation and communicate with your Senators.



Center for Disease Control and Prevention

General overviews of diseases and other health related topics. Statistics

and links to other health organizations.



Health and medical news; up-to-date medical reference


In the Mix/Drug Abuse/Altered States

Current statistics, much more.


Family Doctor

Nutrition, resources and information on prevention and disease.



Math in Daily Life

How numbers affect every day decisions.


Mathematical Moments

The role of math in other subject areas.



Music Notes

Created by high school students as part of a Think Quest project.


Sibley Music Library Eastman School of Music

Numerous music and general reference resources.


Classical Music Classical Net

Composers, links, periods.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

A treasure trove of anything related to Rock Music.


Physical Education

Just Move

American Heart Association health and fitness assistance.



Health and PE teacher information


Shape Up America

Calorie counting, menu planning, fitness planning center



Earth Science Databases

Earth science references


Earth Science Links

Link to earthquakes, maps, fossils, minerals and more



Online museum of science, art and human perception


Kids' Astronomy

Space Exploration, Solar System, teacher resources


Exploring the Environment

Activities and links for earth science, space, etc


Earth Science and Geology Links

Earth science and geology links by category


Ithaca is Gorges. Why?

Formation of rocks in the Finger Lakes and more


National Geographic Map Machine

Atlas, street maps, themes, historical maps


Interactive Weather Information Network

U.S. National Weather graphics intensive site



The forces that affect our weather



Aeronautics and space exploration


Chemical Elements

Interactive periodic table of elements.


The National Air and Space Museum

Smithsonian Gallery of the history of aviation and space flight


The Nine Planets

Multimedia tour of the Solar System


Windows to the Universe

Space and Earth related sites and links


Social Studies

Feudal Life

Life in the Middle Ages


Art History Lessons

A simple little site that deals with art through the ages.


Global Issues

Up to the minute listings and stories of social, political, economic and

environmental issues that affect us all.


Life of Harriet Tubman

Life in slavery, escape to Canada, role in underground railroad, life in Auburn, NY


Museum of Ancient Inventions

View pictures and read about these functional objects


Exploring Ancient World Cultures

Links to many related resources


Medieval History

Medieval children, knights, castles and more.


Illustrated History of the Roman Empire

A comprehensive site of Ancient Roman History


What are Mummies?

Activities and descriptions related to creating a mummy.



Why do civilizations fall?


Countries of the World

History, geography and economy of ninety-one countries.


History Teacher Net

NYS Regents Global History review questions, quizzes, etc.


What Came To Be Called "America"

America from 1492 to the present.


World History

Events and people from history. Timeline format.Awesome!


Henry VIII

His life and more. Also includes links to literature and life during Tudor times.


World War I

Interactive site on WWI.


Martin Luther

His life with links to additional information.


The World Factbook

The World Factbook is produced by CIA's Directorate of Intelligence. The Factbook is a comprehensive resource of facts and statistics on more than 250 countries and other entities.


Holocaust Encyclopedia

This site includes a tremendous amount of varied information.


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The official website of the Holocaust Museum in Wash. D.C.



Fact Monster

A good solid online encyclopedia. Facts, statistics, maps, etc..


Merriam-Webster Online

Excellent online dictionary.

Quick biographical sketches.

Follett eBook References 
Follett eBooks Reference