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What is Personalized Learning (PL)?
An approach to learning where instruction is designed and implemented based on each student's strengths, needs, skills, and interests.
The Core Four areas of Personalized Learning are Targeted Instruction, Data-Driven Decisions, Flexible Content and Tools, and Student Reflection and Ownership.
What is the role of the PL/Instructional Coach?
I work closely with teachers, students, staff, and parents to provide support and guidance to ensure all students are able to succeed. 
Here are just a few ways I will provide support this year:
  • Brainstorming/problem-solving sessions with individual teachers or teams.
  • In-class support and modeling of best practices.
  • Preparation for and support during state tests.
  • Curating resources for best practices.
  • Professional development for instructional staff.
  • Support families with hybrid and remote learning help.