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Dr. Heather Paler and Mrs. Andrea Johnson are your friendly school psychologists within the Honeoye Central School District.  the psychologies serve all students in grades kindergarten through twelfth grades.  Dr. Heather Paler received her Doctor of Psychology degree from Alfred University in New York.  Mrs. Andrea Johnson received her Master of Arts in School Psychology from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.  

We are dedicated to serving students, families, school staff and the community in a variety of capacities.  We provide individual, group, and crisis counseling services, conduct reevaluation and new psychoeducational assessments, conduct functional Behavioral Assessments and consult with teachers to create Behavior Intervention Plans.  We are active members of the Committee on Special Education and Preschool Education, primary and intermediate Instructional Support Teams and the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports Team.  Dr. Paler is the Title IX Coordinator and both Dr. Paler and Mrs. Johnson are Dignity Act Coordinators.