Connections: Freshman Connections Planning Events

Ms. Greenwood works with all freshmen throughout the year both individually and in classroom programs. There is a strong focus on connecting to the high school through full participation in both academics and extracurricular activities. Use the table below to view the schedule of planned activities. Events and activities with important deadlines are indicted in RED.

Connections: Course Syllabus

The Connections course will be delivered primarily through classroom presentations. This is a non-credit course and while assignments will be given, there will be no traditional grading in this class. The benefit of doing your best on the assignments will be that you will learn more about yourself as a student and as a developing young adult. The key to successful academic, career and personal development is learning about yourself and being willing to honestly:

  1. review your progress

  2. listen to feedback and keep an open mind

  3. step outside your comfort zone

  4. change what’s not working

  5. build upon what is working

And finally, remember the Triple As and keep your:

ü Attitude positive
ü Academics a priority
ü Activities healthy, balanced and fun!







Freshman Orientation

Participate in large & small group activities.


English 9 class

Triple As: Attitude, Academics & Activities

Participate in class discussion and activities related to connections and performance in high school as it relates to the future (college/career)


Hemlock Park

Connections Day

Parent Letter:

Participate in large & small group activities.



English 9 class

Academic & Career Development:

- School-to-Life Connection

- What Matters in HS?

- Who Gets In?


Participate in classroom small group activity.


Global 9 class

Academic & Career Development:

- Why It Matters

- HS Course Selections:

Choices & Implications

View Powerpoint to prepare for sophomore year course selections.


Counseling Center

Individual Triple A Planning Reviews

with Ms. Greenwood:

Attitude, Academics & Activities

Review academic and personal progress and select courses for sophomore year.


English 9 class

Status Check: Annual Progress & Action Plan

Assess progress made. Develop and record remedial action plan, if needed.