3rd Grade Research

3rd Grade:
Rainforest Research: Try these first! 

    Rainforest Alliance Organization 
    Includes info on the Sloth, Jaguar, Howler Monkey, Tapir, Ocelot, Golden Tamarin, Scarlet Macaw, Red-eyed Tree Frog, Morpho Butterfly

    Passport to Rainforest Knowledge: Rainforest Ecosystems 
    This site contains some illustrations & real pictures of the following animals: Sloth, Jaguar, Howler Monkey, Ocelot, Toucan, Scarlet Macaw, Harpy Eagle, Caiman, Emerald Tree Boa, Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Morpho Butterfly

    World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) 
    Look under the species for many animals, some of which are endangered!

    A-Z Animals 
    Great website with articles about many of the Amazon Rainforest animals!

    Belize Zoo 
    Jaguar, Howler Monkey, Marmoset, Tapir, Ocelot, Tamarin, Toucan, Scarlet Macaw, Harpy Eagle, Iguana, Tree Frog

    Oregon Zoo 
    The Oregon Zoo has some great fact sheets about the following animals: Howler Monkey, Ocelot, Tamarin, Macaw, Caiman, Emerald Tree Boa, Poison Dart Frog

    National Geographic Animals 
    Search for quick find animals on the box to the right. All animals a
    re found on this site EXCEPT the Marmoset, Agouti, Harpy Eagle, Piranha, Caiman, and Morpho Butterfly.

    National Aquarium: (www.aqua.org) Poison Dart Frog, Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot, Electric Eel, Golden Lion Tamarin, Emerald Tree Boa, 

    DK Kids: Animals and Nature