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2021 Lead Testing

September 1, 2021

Dear HCS Community,

As per NYS Public Health Law, all public schools in New York State are required to test potable water for lead contamination in public schools and to develop and implement a remediation plan, as applicable. This letter is to provide you pertinent information specific to lead testing conducted at the Honeoye Central School District.

HCS commissioned Pace Analytical to conduct the lead testing process. We received a report this summer regarding our sample collection which included all water sources in the District. The report indicated that there were water sources which exceeded acceptable levels of lead (15 parts per billion). Outlets that tested with lead levels above the action level (15 ppb) were decommissioned this summer or, as applicable, signed for handwashing utility only. Outlets that tested below the actionable level remain in service with no restrictions. These actions were taken in accordance with NYSDOH guidance.

As such, any outlets that tested above the threshold level (15ppb) will be out of service at the start of school on September 7, 2021, and will be labeled accordingly. Please note that the district has plenty of safe drinking water outlets open and available for usage as we welcome back students, faculty and staff.

As per the regulations and protocols, NYS Department of Health has been contacted with the information contained in this letter. HCS will continue the work of repairing, replacing and refurbishing water outlets that tested above the threshold and we will contract with a local testing vendor to retest our water outlets. In accordance with NYSDOH regulation, we will report results back to the community and to the State Department of Health.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me or our Business Official, Mike Bastian, should you have any questions or concerns regarding the information contained in this letter.

Warmest regards,

E. Bridget Ashton
Contact Mike Bastian 585-229-4123 mike.bastian@honeoye.org