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Curriculum & Instruction

Honeoye Central School
Honeoye Central School will be an innovative leader in education, where we inspire our students to achieve individual success through a rigorous and challenging academic environment. Academic excellence and positive youth development will be enriched by including the latest technology and engaging in creative problem solving. The mental, social, physical, academic, creative and ethical needs of the students will be met through collaboration of the school and community members. A sense of unity, heartfelt pride and a vivid spirit will distinguish Honeoye students.





What is personalized learning?

For Honeoye Central School District, Personalized Learning (PL) is tailoring learning to students’ individual strengths, needs, and interests while providing flexibility and supports to ensure mastery at the highest standards possible.  This will be accomplished through using evidence to inform decisions, targeting instruction, leveraging the use of technology, and empowering student ownership of their learning.


Why personalized learning (PL)?

In order to prepare for the demands of an ever-evolving global community, our students will embrace opportunities and take risks to become problem-solvers and innovative thinkers.  HCS commits to using the latest resources to entrust our students as self-directed lifelong learners who collaborate, create, and reflect.