Honeoye Central School District Transportation

As you are aware, the Honeoye Central School District recently shared the Reopening Plan for Fall 2020. The following bullet points are intended to provide parents and families with additional explanation and details regarding Honeoye Central student transportation for the reopening of school in the fall of 2020.  They represent the biggest changes in practice and procedure within our transportation plan.  Please refer back to the Transportation section of the HCS Reopening Plan document (pgs. 23-24) for an overview.

  1. School Day Arrival & Dismissal Times for the 20-21 School Year:

Certainly, one of the biggest changes to our district’s daily schedules involves the splitting of our elementary day into two “shifts,” one for grades K-2 and another for 3-5.  This had to be done to meet social distancing requirements on our buses and in our instructional spaces.  The splitting of the elementary school schedule led to the addition of a second elementary school bus run.  Please also note that our 6-12 schedule was shortened a bit to accommodate the shifted elementary start times.  The resulting arrival/dismissal times are listed below.

Grades 6-12:  7:35 a.m. drop-off,  1:40 p.m. departure

Grades 3-5:  8:35 a.m. drop-off,  2:30 p.m. departure

Grades K-2:  9:25 a.m. drop-off,  3:25 p.m. departure

*UPK:  Times yet to be finalized for AM/PM classes - see below

*The district will continue to provide transportation for UPK students during the 2020-2021 school year as we did last year.  At this moment, it is anticipated that the AM UPK class will come in on either the K-2 or 3-5 bus run and that the PM UPK class will ride home on the K-2 bus run.  We will share mid-day UPK run details (timing) with UPK families as we fine-tune our route assignments and schedules this summer.

  1. Parent Notification of “Bus Stop” Times:

The HCS Transportation Department understands that families plan their own daily schedules with consideration of bus route pick-up and drop-off times at their residence (or point of student pick-up).  Transportation staff will continue our tradition of calling each family before the start of school to provide route information (driver name, bus number and anticipated pick-up and drop-off times).

Transportation staff will be analyzing parent transportation intent forms in early August to develop routes based on ridership consistent with social distancing as outlined in the Transportation  section of the district’s reopening plan.  Drivers will then time their routes (practice runs) later in August and will ultimately call families in late August to share anticipated pick-up and drop-off times based on route timing.

  1. Parent Intent:

If you have not yet completed the “Transportation Intent” form mailed to families on July 17th, please do so and return it in the pre-addressed, stamped envelope, or call the HCS Transportation Department at 229-2685 to let us know if you are planning to have your child/children ride on district transportation this school year.  This information is of urgent importance to us as we develop this year’s bus routes, so your response is greatly appreciated.