Green Light: Schools Will Reopen


Dear Honeoye Central School District,

Governor Cuomo announced on 8/7 that schools across the state may reopen. He stipulated that schools must include information surrounding the following on district websites: Distance Learning, COVID Testing, and Contact Tracing. While these considerations are addressed in the Honeoye Central School District Reopening Plan, AND our plan is posted on the HCS website, our district will "pull" this information from the plan and have it readily accessible on our website. This action item will be addressed by HCS next week.

The Governor further requested the following:

  • School districts must provide three opportunities prior to 8/21 for families to have the opportunity to be heard and to pose questions.  HCS conducted a Town Hall on 8/5. We have two additional Town Halls scheduled: 1) 4:00 meeting on 8/7 and 2) 4:00 meeting on 8/10.  As necessary, we will offer an additional Town Hall session based on community feedback and need.
  • School districts must provide an opportunity for teachers to be heard and to pose questions. HCS has already carved out a full day for all faculty and staff on our first Conference Day, 9/2, to address COVID-19 safety measures and protocols. I will additionally schedule a virtual Town Hall meeting for our instructional staff in the upcoming weeks.

Given the Governor's address today, HCS will move forward with our mixed hybrid model of reopening this fall.  In the event that you have a question(s) or concern(s) you would like to discuss surrounding our reopening plan, please do not hesitate to reach out to Elementary School Principal, Margie Wright at [email protected], Secondary School Principal, Addie Klaehn at [email protected], or me at [email protected].  I would also encourage you to attend one of our Town Hall Meetings (as referenced above):

  • Friday, August 7 at 4:00: Secondary School Town Hall (Access information sent to families via email on 8/6/2020)
  • ​Monday, August 10 at 4:00: Elementary School Town Hall (Access information sent to families via email on 8/6/2020)

Regrets for short notice in scheduling the additional Town Hall meetings on 8/7 and 8/10, but we have team members out of district next week AND we hope to provide families information in a timely manner to support completion and return of commitment letters to HCS by 8/12.  If you have not already done so, please be certain to mail your commitment letters in the provided, addressed, stamped envelopes by August 12.

Please note: The placement process at the elementary school level will NOT be finalized until the week of August 17 so that we may factor commitment letter data surrounding both models of programming into cohort groupings: 100% in-person OR 100% remote learning. The designation of cohorts at the secondary level will NOT be finalized until the week of August 17 so that we may factor commitment letter data surrounding both models of programming into cohort groupings: 50% in-person/50% remote learning OR 100% remote learning. Student placement, cohort designation, and master schedule information will be mailed to families the week of August 24. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you to everyone for their continued patience, understanding, and flexibility throughout this period of uncertainty.  We appreciate your partnership in advocacy for Honeoye students.

Best to you and yours,

E. Bridget Ashton