HCS Provisions for COVID-19 Testing and Contact Tracing

Honeoye Central School District COVID Testing Plan

HCS Reopening Plan Language: COVID-19 Testing

  • Honeoye Central School District will work with the Ontario County Department of Health to establish who in the community is responsible for referring, sourcing, and administering testing (e.g., local health department testing site, physician offices, hospital system) particularly in the event that large-scale testing at the school is needed. 


Please note: Any staff or student who displays symptoms of COVID-19 will be placed in a designated isolation space, evaluated and supervised by our school nurse, Marybeth Tonkery.


Upon evaluation by the nurse and confirmation of COVID-19 symptom(s), a symptomatic student will remain in the isolation room until they are picked up by a parent/guardian. A symptomatic staff member will be directed to go home for the day.  Any individual who presents as symptomatic will be encouraged to visit their pediatrician, physician, urgent care facility, or a local testing facility. 


Individuals who are symptomatic will not be allowed to return to the school until clearance has been secured in accordance with the Department of Health guidance. 


Honeoye Central School District Contact Tracing Plan


HCS Reopening Plan Language: Contact Tracing

  • Contact tracing is a public health function performed by local public health departments to trace all persons who had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19. This allows public health officials to put in place isolation or other measures to limit the spread of the virus. Schools must cooperate with state and local health department contact tracing. Honeoye Central School District will assist the Ontario County public health departments in knowing who may have had contact at school with a confirmed case by:
    • Keeping accurate attendance records of students and staff members; ensuring student schedules are up to date; keeping a log of any visitors which includes date, time and where in the school they visited; and assisting local health departments in tracing all contacts of the individual at school in accordance with the protocol, training, and tools provided through the New York State Contact Tracing Program. This does not mean schools are required to have staff members take the contract tracing program. 
  • Confidentiality will be maintained as required by federal and state laws and regulations. 
  • Honeoye Central School District staff will not try to determine who is to be excluded from school based on contact without guidance and direction from the local department of health.


Please Note: The Honeoye Central School District will coordinate closely with the local Department of Health in the event a situation warrants contract tracing. The Ontario County Department of Health will facilitate the contact tracing process for our district.  Records such as daily attendance, class by class attendance, the student management system, our camera system, seating charts (bus and classroom), and visitor logs (as permitted) will support collaboration with the local DOH to provide the information needed to conduct a proper and thorough Contact Tracing process.