HCS Provisions for a 100% Remote Model of Learning

Remote Model for Reopening During COVID-19 Pandemic: Virtual Learning For All Students  

  • An Executive Order by the Governor or a COVID-19 outbreak in our area may necessitate that Honeoye Central School District shift from our mixed hybrid model of reopening to 100% remote learning.
  • Within a 100% remote learning model, HCS students will engage remotely in live, synchronous learning following a traditional school day schedule.
  • Student daily attendance will be tracked and monitored.
  • Google Classroom and Google Meet will be the primary platforms for delivery of teaching and learning at HCS.
  • Instruction will be New York State Standards based spanning all grade levels and across all content areas.
  • Grading will reflect proficiency levels of students relative to standards taught in units of study completed. Grading will be standards based (rubric) at the elementary level and percentage based at the secondary level.
  • Teachers will exercise sound, professional judgement surrounding developmentally appropriate screen breaks (lunch, recess, independent practice, independent reading, etc) for students throughout the day.
  • Our technology department will review the reliable connectivity data received from families within their instructional programming Commitment Letters AND obtain similar data from staff in effort to support students and staff with connectivity issues as practicable.