Use of GoGuardian Monitoring Software

Dear HCS Families, 

Over the past several years, Honeoye Central School District has used a software called GoGuardian to monitor student work and provide support There are many features of this software. In the past, teachers have used this when students are working in class. It allows teachers to see students’ computer/device screens and interact with students as they work. Teachers have the ability to lock screens if students are off task, send messages to provide feedback, or comment on progress. Recently, the platform has allowed students to work collaboratively with peers in digital breakout rooms, under constant supervision of their teachers. 

Another feature of GoGuardian is the use of “Smart Alerts.” With Smart Alerts turned on, school administrators have the ability to identify students who have accessed, or attempted to access, explicit content (violent, sexual, profane); and also to monitor students for potential self-harm. 

Self-harm alerts are triggered by a student who searches for something that may be indicative of a mental health concern. Given that so many of our students are spending more time online and engaging in remote instruction, HCS has decided to utilize the Smart Alerts to help in providing an added layer of safety for our students. 

GoGuardian Smart Alerts are checked by our school administrators on a daily basis. We continue to explore the enhanced features of this software, and are committed to supporting all of our students in their academic, social, and emotional growth. It is important to note that at this time, we do not always receive these alerts immediately. However, we have made a commitment to check the alerts at least twice a day, Monday through Friday. This provides us with the opportunity to intervene on our students’ behalf within a 48-hour period. Should your student’s account trigger a Smart Alert, you will be notified of the incident and level of concern by a school administrator, counselor, or psychologist. We recognize that we will not always be able to safeguard our students 100% of the time. Given our current model, we feel that increased monitoring of our students’ internet usage on school devices is necessary at this time. 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at your convenience. We appreciate your support as we continue to provide for the academic success and wellbeing of all Honeoye Bulldogs. 


Addie Klaehn, HCS Secondary Principal

Kathryn Hargis, HCS Interim Elementary Principal