Masking Update: Updated Interim Guidance

Good Evening,

At 8:40 this evening, an updated INTERIM GUIDANCE FOR IN-PERSON INSTRUCTION AT PRE-K TO GRADE 12 SCHOOLS DURING THE COVID-19 PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY was pushed out to school districts across the state.  The Interim Guidance states:

Effective June 7, 2021, face masks are not required to be worn outdoors on school grounds, including during outdoor school sports. However, Responsible Parties may choose to require face masks outdoors on school grounds subject to the parameters of this guidance. No student, teacher, staff member, or visitor may be prevented from wearing an acceptable face mask voluntarily on school grounds.

As I shared in my earlier email following the governor's press release today, the Honeoye Central School District Board of Education moved on and approved the recommendation to opt for not requiring masking outside on school grounds, effective in alignment with the provisions of updated state guidance. This applies to all outdoor activities, including extracurriculars and athletics.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding as our school district navigates the ever evolving landscape of COVID-19 and its impact on public education. As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns about the information included in this communication, or otherwise.

Warmest regards,
E. Bridget Ashton

Elizabeth Bridget Ashton
Superintendent, Honeoye Central School District
8528 Main Street
Honeoye, New York 14471
On Twitter: @EBridgetAshton