The Honeoye Central School District has been recognized with top honors as part of the Annual Utica National School Safety Excellence Program. 

Utica National Insurance Group, the sponsor of the event, awards various levels of recognition with HCS achieving one of the highest honors, Titanium with Honors.

In the award notification, Utica National indicated that HCS has "demonstrated your desire to create a safe and secure learning environment for the children of your district; an enjoyable and productive work environment for your staff; and a comfortable and pleasant experience for visitors to your district. As your partners in risk management and safety, we applaud your efforts and dedication."
A safe and supportive learning environment for students, faculty and staff is paramount to the success of our organization. This award reinforces and acknowledges the HCS commitment to safety, wellness and preparedness. Kudos to the entirety of our district for their collective efforts to produce an environment ripe for teaching and learning!
Utica National will present the Titanium with Honors Award to HCS in the fall of 2021.