Capital Improvement Project Proposal Passes

HCS Capital Improvement Project Proposition Passes 
The HCS CIP Proposition passed by 273 votes during a Capital Project Special Vote on 3/26/2024. The district would like to offer thanks to the HCS community for coming out today and for expressing voice about the Capital Improvement Project proposal put before the voters.  

Results for Voter Proposition One: Capital Improvement Project  
  • Total Votes: 630
  • "Yes" votes:  451  (72% approval rating)
  • "No" votes:  178 (28% disapproval rating)
  • Note: One ballot did not reflect a yes or a no vote.
The Board of Education will officially accept the Capital Improvement Project vote results during a Regular Meeting of the Board on March 27 at 6:30PM in the LGI.  

Special thanks to the following individuals/groups for their tireless efforts in the development of this CIP proposal:
  • District Clerk, Jennifer Green, for her role in coordination of this special vote, 
  • Numerous and varied internal and external stakeholders - faculty, staff, coaches, parents/guardians, community members, HCS administration, and BOE members - who provided invaluable input which guided the development of our CIP proposal, 
  • Mike Kestler, Gary Shaffer and the facilities team for their frame of reference, expertise and feedback about the "state of the state" specific to HCS facilities, 
  • Joe Kosiorek, Architect, and SWBR engineers, for physical review of facilities' deficient areas, consultation throughout the scope of work prioritization process, and for sharing presentations with the HCS community,     
  • Mike Bastian, School Business Administrator, for his service and role in the development of a plan for financing this project proposal,
  • Sarah Bradshaw and Nick Barcellona, Financial Advisors from Bernard P. Donegan, for their role and consultation in the development of a plan for financing this project proposal and for sharing presentations with the HCS community, 
  • BOE members, Tori Penrod-Clark and Jim Helling for their service as Facilities BOE subcommittee members and the countless hours they devoted to the development of this proposal, and finally
  • The HCS Board of Education... their leadership and support is crucial to making continued progress in the district. 
On behalf of the Honeoye Central School District, many thanks for the ongoing support and partnership in advocacy for all HCS students. #HoneoyePROUD
E. Bridget Ashton