District » Student Registration: Onboarding New Students at HCS

Student Registration: Onboarding New Students at HCS



A parent or legal guardian must register a student. Registration is by appointment only.  All registration forms and requirements must be completed and compiled prior to a student starting at the district. To schedule an appointment, please call:  

  • Kathy Hoertz (Elementary students grades UPK-5) at 585-229-5171 ext. 3018
  • Tammy Smith (Secondary students in grades 6-12) at 585-229-5171 ext. 3020
  • Nancy Snyder (Preschool age 3-5 for Special Education) at 585-229-5171 ext. 3026



Please be prepared to show the following documentation for registration at Honeoye Central School:

  1. Parent or legal guardian “Proof of Residency” in the Honeoye Central School District
  2. If applicable, any custody documentation
  3. Birth certificate or other evidence of age
  4. Health immunizations
  5. Last report card from previous school district
  6. Formal transcript from previous school district for students in grades 9-12



*Evidence of age.

Evidence showing that the minor is of the required age shall be presented as follows:

  • A duly certified transcript of a birth certificate filed according to law, or duly certified transcript of a record of baptism, giving the date of birth; or, if not available,
  • A passport showing the date of birth of the minor; or if not available,
  • Other documentary evidence or other recorded evidence in existence for two years or more, and satisfactory to the certifying officer, except an affidavit of age.


Certificate of age.  A person over eighteen years of age may apply for a certificate of age to the superintendent of schools, the district superintendent, or to the certification officer.  Upon such application a certificate of age, containing the name, date of birth, address and signature of the applicant, shall be issued to him/her.



Requires a physical examination of each child entering school for Kindergarten and at these selected grades as well: Grade 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11. In addition, any student new to the Honeoye School District at any grade level must have a physical examination. It is recommended that these examinations be done by the family physician as he/she is most familiar with the health needs of your child. The examination should be dated no more than one year prior to the beginning of the school year in which the examination is required. 

Commissioner's Regulation 135.4 Requires all student athletes who will participate in the interscholastic sports program to have a physical examination prior to practicing with any team. Although final approval is the legal responsibility of the school physician, examination by the family physician is recommended. The results of the physical examination will be valid for a period of 12 months before the first day of practice. 

Public Health Law, Section 2164 Requires all pupils to be immunized against Polio, Diphtheria, Mumps, Rubeola, Rubella, and Hepatitis B. Varicella vaccine or proof of immunity is required. Serologic proof (a blood titer) of immunity to Varicella or a history of Varicella disease as documented by a health care provider are the only acceptable proof of immunity. All students entering 6th grade are required to receive a booster immunization of Tdap (a Tetanus booster that contains Pertussis vaccine). The law recognizes certain religious and health exemptions. Required immunizations need to be updated for school records. Please include all recent booster dates.