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Greetings HCS Families!
Our school district has extensively studied transportation policies and procedures to best serve our community. We have consulted with independent experts, reviewed research on best practices, taken into consideration feedback from parents, reviewed procedures in other school districts, and anticipate the continued implementation of tools to assist the transportation staff. The material on our webpage provides a lot of information. It is extensive in order to provide parents with details regarding our transportation services, to assist parents in planning in advance for school transportation requests, and to minimize confusion regarding the district’s procedures. It is not meant to cover every detail but instead provide summaries of specific areas of transportation services. Thank you for reviewing these materials to increase the quality of HCS’s transportation services for our children.
Best Regards,  
Ray Thomas (Transportation Coordinator)

On any given day, HCS is transporting approximately 550 students to/from school on over 20 different bus routes (excluding field trips and athletics). Each driver prepares him/herself and their vehicle to anticipate and navigate the challenges of the road with your child’s safety as our primary responsibility. Unlike other organizations, school bus transportation is governed by multiple state agencies including the New York State Department of Transportation, New York State Education Department, and the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, as well as federal, state, and local education & vehicle/traffic laws. Every school bus in HCS’s fleet undergoes a biannual inspection by the NYS Department of Transportation; routine local inspections are conducted by mechanics highly-skilled in the area of school bus operations. Prior to any bus leaving the transportation facility, a driver evaluates a pre-trip inspection. Upon every return, the bus undergoes a post-trip evaluation. HCS’s transportation staff members must have the physical and mental abilities to operate a school bus as determined by a medical professional. A special operator’s license from the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles is required and transportation staff members are required to have training in school bus safety practices, vehicle operations and safety, and working with students with disabilities. In addition, all drivers of school buses are required to annually attend two safety trainings on the operation of a school bus. Driver training is provided by a certified School Bus Driver Instructor; training for working with pupils regarding bus safety rules and emergency procedures is provided by a licensed educational professional. The district conducts a program to provide alcohol and controlled substance testing of employees who operate a school bus, and controlled substance/alcohol tests are conducted at the time of initial employment and randomly throughout each school year. Such tests are also conducted on other occasions as permitted by law. 



According to State regulations school officials are to design routes and assign buses so that buses are used safely and efficiently. Whenever possible, buses should be filled to capacity. The State Education Department indicates that school districts should only have an available seat for those students who are expected to ride the bus. Timely submission of transportation requests by parents/guardians is important.

Student Bus Rules

Students are responsible for complying with all school rules and regulations relating to bus transportation. Parents are expected to speak with each of their children regarding the bus rules, bus safety, and following the rules. Students out of compliance present a safety concern to all passengers in the bus as well as to the driver. Parents of students who are unable to comply with safety rules on a school bus will be provided with notice of any incidents. Parents are expected to discuss the violations with the child and the corrective action to be made. Transportation privileges may be affected for students not able to maintain safety on the school bus. Three simple rules for the school bus are:

  1. Show respect to your driver and other students
    1. Listen to and follow directions
    2. Be kind, friendly, and helpful
  2. Be safe on your bus
    1. Stay in your seat
    2. Have a calm, safe body
    3. Keep your body inside the bus
  3. Help take care of your bus
    1. Do not eat or drink
    2. Take care of your belongings
    3. Keep the bus clean
Each time a change is made in the normal transportation routine as established with the school district, the chances increase for confusion, a child boarding a wrong bus, or getting dropped off at the incorrect location. For purposes of child safety, transportation changes are only appropriate for:
  • Emergency situation
  • Permanent change in child care provider
  • Permanent change in residence
If at any time a child’s regular transportation needs do change, a note must be submitted to the school. For identification purposes, only requests in writing or in person can be made to change a child’s transportation schedule. Changes may take a couple days depending on the impact to the bus routes to accommodate the request. In rare emergency occurrences, a child’s transportation schedule may be changed to an emergency contact previously designated by the parent(s)/guardian(s).
Casual requests to transport students (i.e. birthday party, playdate) will only be honored if proper notification has occurred and busing capacity allows us to do so. School transportation routes are created based on student residence/ permanent location and seating may be limited to meet current rules and regulations. 
Transportation policy is set by the Board of Education of the Honeoye Central School District. All students living within the Honeoye Central School District are eligible for transportation to and from school.
  • The Honeoye Central School buses will transport students to any child care provider within the District's boundaries. A note must be written prior and a phone call to the Transportation Department is recommended.
  • If a student will not be riding an informative phone call to the bus garage is greatly appreciated  
  • Junior and Senior High students leaving the campus at the 2:06 dismissal may not return to ride a late bus home.
Transportation for Students Attending Private Schools and Off-Site Special Education Programs
  • When Honeoye Central School has a scheduled closing due to a holiday or a Superintendent's Conference Day, Honeoye will provide transportation for those students who are attending special education programs.
  • In the event Honeoye Central School is closed due to bad weather conditions, Honeoye will not provide transportation for students attending private schools or parochial schools.
  • In order to be eligible for transportation to a private/parochial school, parents must submit a written request no later than April 1st of the previous year. Additionally, you must live within 15 miles of the school of your choice. 
Additional Information
  • The New York State Education Department regulations stipulate that children should be out at the end of the driveway/bus stop five minutes prior to the normal bus stop time.  For example, if the bus normally arrives at 8:00 am, then your child should be standing at the bus stop by 7:55 am. 
  • The late bus is provided after school for junior and senior high students. The late buses (elementary run) leave the bus loop at 3:25 pm. Students are not allowed to board the late bus without a pass from the teacher/coach that the student stayed with.
  • All students, Grades K-3 must have a parent, guardian or older sibling visible to the driver to receive them off the bus in the afternoons.
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