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Hello Students and Families,
Here is a space for us to come together during our time at home.  I know you have the packets that came home for all subject areas and all of that can be overwhelming!  I won't add more work for you to do here, but I'll give suggestions for resources and some suggestions for teaching and helping your students. 
Be creative and flexible.  There is so much learning that takes place in day to day activities through crafts, cooking, organizing, building, playing board games and reading, reading, reading and writing, writing, writing!  
Of course, if you need more materials or specific help, please email me!  [email protected]
Below I'm sharing a bit of what our AIS lesson time looks like.  I'll give you some bullet points first and then I'll get into more detail as I go!  
Primary 1st and 2nd Grades...
Our AIS reading lessons always include the following :
1.  Letter and sound work - consonants, vowels, blends, digraphs (th, sh, ch)
2.  Word Work - making and breaking words with magnetic letters
3.  Rereading familiar stories or poems
4.  Reading a new story or poem
5.  Writing either a response to a story or a personal experience story
3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade...
We have been working on solidifying decoding 2 and 3 syllable words and reading fiction and informational articles and books .
1.  Decoding work on 2 and 3 syllable words (reading and writing words)
2.  Previewing vocabulary in a story 
3.  Reading a story once for basic understanding.
4.  Rereading parts of a story to look for story elements.
5.  Rereading to look for inferences and clear up any misunderstandings.  
6.  Rereading the story out loud to practice fluency and expression.
7.  Writing in response to a story: summarizing or writing about the story characters, information or message.  
Story elements for fiction:
Story elements are the important parts that make up a fiction story.  These are the important pieces of information that would be included in a summary. 
They are : 
setting (where and when)
important characters and what they're like and how the may change
main events (attempts to solve the problem)
ending - resolution
Students can respond in writing in any one of these areas. 
Some graphic organizers to come...!


Monday Message March 30th

Good Morning!  I hope you were able to get outside this weekend to enjoy some of the nice spring weather.  I really needed to feel the sun and some spring temperatures.  Getting outside makes all the difference for me.  I take long walks by myself and then I drag my family out to take more long walks (except Little Pup doesn't do very well on long walks!).  
I started planting some seeds.  I planted marigolds yesterday.  They are a great seed to start with - they germinate quickly and they are hardy!  
Planting the seeds reminded me of a book I love,  The Gardener.  This story is set in the depression and is about a young girl who leaves home to live with her uncle in the city.  She makes everyone feel better by planting seeds and making a surprise garden.  I planted a seed in a tea cup in honor of that story!
SO: I challenge you this week to get outside and really see the signs of spring.  Take a picture or draw a picture or write a story.  Send me an email or a note on google classroom to let me know what you did.  Read some books about Spring and planting.  Let me now if you plant a seed in a tea cup or a whole garden!
You can find books here:
The Gardener - Read Aloud on youtube
(In this story - Think about the main characters and what they are like.  How can you tell?  How do the characters change?  Do they surprise you? )
Planting Seeds and Other stories on Epic

seed packets and planting mix
I love to plant seeds in the spring.  I managed to start this weekend with some of the supplies I already had at home and a quick curbside pickup of seeds at the garden center.  

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