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Rotary Reading Rally a.k.a. RRR

***Information coming soon from the Honeoye Lake Rotary for 2020-2021 details of how this year will work!***



10+ books by June = certificate and pizza in the library in June

30 books = receive a plaque at the awards ceremony
60 books = receive a trophy at the awards ceremony
100 + = gift card for books and more

150 + = game (like CatchPhrase) and more
300 + = extra fun on Dawg Gone Fun Day

*Note: if you read 60 books in one year you will receive the plaque and the trophy the same year --- it's up to you how many of the above you "check off" in one year!

Rotary Reading Rally
As a part of Rotary International's literacy theme, the Honeoye Lake Rotary Club encourages students in third (starting in the Spring of 2020) through fifth grade to participate in a reading program entitled Rotary Reading Rally (RRR). Students are given the opportunity to earn certificates each year and to receive a plaque after reaching 30 books. Occasionally one or two students will receive the Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD) award, for demonstrating reading in action above the normal 10 books encouraged each year.
STUDENTS have been introduced to the new Google Classroom that allows them to celebrate reading in many different ways, ask your 4th or 5th grader to log in to their account and show you what it looks like!

Students who participate are able to share their projects or talk about their books during a "Lunch in the Library" pizza celebration as well. This celebration is hosted and attended by Rotarians and special guests. 
Rotarians record the titles of each book read on a master sheet and each book counts once. Certificates are distributed at the end of the year pizza party. Plaques are awarded in the June Awards Assembly.