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BOE Goals

Goal: Instructional Program

All students will meet standards as measured by the NYS assessment program and emphasis will be given to promoting critical thinking skills across the curriculum.  Strategies will continue relative to the development of literacy within English Language Arts Curriculum and across all content areas. Attention will be given to developing a better understanding and implementation of the special education program. Strategies will be developed to increase participation and performance in upper math and science courses.

Goal: Quality Programming and Use of Resources

Continue to monitor student enrollment, expense and revenue to operate a quality program in a time of declining resources for students attending the Honeoye Central School District.

Goal: Graduation Rates

All students educated in the Honeoye Central School District will graduate with a Regents Diploma.

Goal: Shared Services

Explore the feasibility of expanded shared services with neighboring school districts and BOCES.

Goal: Skills Development

Focus on the development of interpersonal and work preparation skills across the curriculum. Investigate the feasibility of establishing a service learning initiative for all students.