Speech and language homework is one way to reinforce and carryover what your child is learning in speech therapy. Taking a few minutes to do easy speech and language activities with your child can help his or her progress. Practice and consistency are key in helping your child progress toward their speech and language goals!


The time your child spends in speech therapy is designed to establish a skill base for their area(s) of need. Much of the reinforcement and practice for these skills, however, needs to be done in other settings (i.e., classroom, home, etc.)


Homework should always be completed as it is assigned by your child's therapist. Please keep in mind though, even when no official homework is assigned, short and regular practice sessions are a valuable addition to your child's program. 


Check out the "Speech and Language Activities" and "Speech and Language Web sites" pages for fun and helpful ideas to reinforce what your child is learning in speech therapy.


If you have questions about your child's speech and language homework, please contact his/her therapist. Contact information can be found on the "About the Therapists" or "Staff" pages.