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Building Security


We feel it is important to provide a safe environment for our students. In order for our school to be safe, we have instituted several procedures to increase security. We ask all visitors and parents to follow our procedures. An overview of our procedures is listed below.

  • All school doors will be locked except for the main entrance near the Auditorium and the main entrance to the elementary office. All visitors will be required to enter and leave the building using these designated doors.

  • All visitors and volunteers will report to the elementary office at all times. Adults or siblings will not be permitted to escort students to classrooms unless authorized by office personnel.

  • All students will continue to be signed out from the elementary or nurse's office when leaving the building. Parents are not permitted to pick-up students from their classroom. All students will be sent to the office for parental pick-up.

  • We will continue to make transportation arrangements and dismissal arrangements as per our security system. Please carefully read and follow the procedures. See dismissal procedures.

  • We will continue to monitor students as they are dismissed or arrive each morning. All students arriving after 9:15 will be considered tardy and will report to the nurse's office to be recorded as such. The school day begins at 9:00 and ends at 3:20 each day.

  • Visitors entering the building after 4:30 p.m. are required to use the entrance at the district office end of the building.


Your cooperation in following the procedures outlined above is appreciated. If you have questions or concerns with the procedures, please let our office know.