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Student Pick-Up


We encourage not picking your child up from school. If you must pick your child up, a note must be sent in with your child in the morning indicating the following information:

1. Date

2. Your child's full name (first and last).

3. Your child's teacher's name.

4. The name (first and last) of the person that will be picking your child up.

5. The relationship of that person to your child.

6. Time of pick-up.



Report to the Elementary Office and give your child's name to the secretary. She will call your child's room and have him/her sent to the office for departure. 


Unless your child is being excused early for an appointment, dismissal time from the classroom is

3:15 for GRADES 4&5

3:17 for GRADES 2&3

3:19 for GRADES K&1


No one will be added to the pick-up list after 1:00.

Please do not telephone the Elementary Office after this time or "show up" at the school. This situation creates serious security risks and is much too confusing for everyone, especially for your child. In the event of an emergency, please notify us as such.