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All students will be held in the lobby areas and will not be allowed to move to locker halls until 7:35 am. Breakfast students may head directly to the cafeteria (no locker stops) at 7:25 am and are expected to report to 1st period on time.



There will be two afternoon dismissals.  The first dismissal will be at 2:06 pm for all students who have completed all academic and behavioral obligations. Buses depart at 2:11 pm.

The second dismissal will be at 3:15 pm for all students participating in a general student activity, teacher-directed activities, staying for academic assistance, working in the library, or serving detention. Students will not be allowed to ride the late bus if they do not have a late bus pass signed by a teacher or if they have left school property between 2:06 and 3:25 pm.  Buses depart at 3:25 pm.

Upon dismissal, students are to leave the school building and property within a reasonable amount of time. Students are not to stay in the school building after either dismissal without staff supervision.

Students waiting for practices after 2:06 pm have the following options: Serve administrative or teacher detention, stay with a teacher in a classroom, stay in the library, stay with their coach and other athletes in a supervised setting, or leave the building and return later for practice. Students may not “hang out” in the hall waiting for practice. While in the building, students must be supervised at all times.


revised 2018