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Student Fees and Charges


Students are responsible for any materials provided by the school and to exercise reasonable care in the use of school equipment. Students will be fined for any damage done to library books, textbooks, student-issued technology or other school equipment due to misuse or negligence.  Lost or damaged textbooks and other equipment will be immediately reported to the office for payment.  All fines and other such charges must be paid before transcripts will be distributed.



Starting with the 16-17 school year students in grades 6-12 will be issued a chromebook.  Students in grades 7-12 will be allowed to take their district-issued chromebook home with them at night and on weekends provided the student and parent are in agreement with the expectations regarding chromebook use and care.  Students in grades 6-7 can take their district-issued chromebook home for special projects at the discretion of their teacher and with parent permission.  Chromebooks will be collected in June and stored over the summer.  If a student transfers out of the district, the chromebook must be returned to the district.  If chromebooks are not returned the matter will be turned over to local law enforcement.  Please note that the Chromebooks are equipped with geotrackers and other theft-recovery capabilities.  


The district is providing a chromebook, charging cord, and carrying case.  The district is not providing headphones or a mouse.  If your student prefers a mouse over a trackpad, please supply one for their personal use.  Inexpensive ones can be found at Staples, Walmart, Target etc….



Students taking their chromebooks home at night and over the weekend will bring their chromebook back to school every day fully charged.  Chromebooks should not be left in unsupervised areas or unlocked cars.  School filter policies will be applied to chromebooks in use off district grounds.  However, even with these policies in place students may access sites and images that are inappropriate.  We expect our students to be responsible users of district issued technology.   

Chromebooks should be handled carefully and carried with the lid closed.

Use common sense and don’t place anything on the keyboard while it is in use or when closing the lid.  


Repairs and Replacements

If the chromebook or AC power adaptor damage is considered to be normal wear and tear, the district will cover the cost of the repair.  If a chromebook is repeatedly damaged or the damage is determined to be the result of wilful damage the family will be billed of the repairs or replacements. Liquid damage from spills is not considered normal wear and tear.  Families will be charged for replacements if Chromebooks are lost or stolen due to students leaving them unattended or unsecured.  For any problems, please notify the technology staff as quickly as possible.  


Prices are accurate as of summer 2016 and are subject to change:

Total Replacement of the chromebook:  $210

Replacement Keyboard and trackpad $50

Replacement screen $45

Miscellaneous hinges, wires, etc…  - cost of the part

Chromebook case - broken strap $21

Lost charger G4, G5 model $30

                      G6 model $45