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Study Halls


Study hall time must be used for completion of homework assignments, school projects or reading. Hall passes to and from study halls are privileges and will only be issued by classroom teachers and the Counseling Center. The student must bring enough reading or study materials to fill all study hall time. Unprepared students will be dealt with as in any other class for disruption and/or insubordination. Teachers will allow students to leave study hall only as a privilege.


General Study Hall Guidelines

Students should be assigned seats for attendance purposes.
Bathroom passes are limited to essential needs.
Students should work silently, unless approved to productively work with another student.
Passes to the media center may be granted.
Students must return to study hall at the end of the period with a pass marked with time, from the media center.
Students who are wandering the halls or disrupting other classrooms will have pass privileges revoked.


Students who are on the ineligible/probation or warning list will not be permitted to leave study halls without a pre-signed pass from a teacher.



Students who struggle and/or are on academic support and/or the academic ineligibility list may be placed in a Guided Study Hall which is instructed by a certified teacher who will ensure homework completion, test preparation, and in general, provide academic assistance to assist in returning/keeping the student to/in academic “good standing.”
A Guided Study Hall may be used in part as an Academic Support, a Response to Intervention service, and/or an Academic Intervention Service.
Students will be required to bring work to Guided Study Hall. Students will be required to work on curricular courses and assignments. Students will be required to utilize this time appropriately for scholastic improvement.