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Suspension is the most serious of all disciplinary actions. The use of in-school and out-of-school suspension is based on the severity of the situation and the frequency of the student’s behavioral problems. Should it need to be used frequently, student grade and skill performance is almost always affected. Generally, the length and type of suspension may vary from one to five days, depending upon the nature of the infraction. Additional suspension time may be added following a superintendent’s hearing procedure.


It should be noted that during a period of suspension, students are not allowed to participate in any school activities or functions. Upon reinstatement, a suspended student may be placed on probation or assigned detention to make up lost instruction and class time. This will be decided at the discretion of the administration. Students assigned in-school suspension must also attend after-school detention on the day(s) of in-school suspension as part of their consequence. Students may not leave the in-school suspension room prior to the included after-school detention.