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Safety Measures


Safety is an important part of daily life. Most accidents can be avoided by using common sense. Teachers will discuss safety rules for their classes, particularly in Physical Education, Art, Technology and Science. General guidelines are:

  1. When in the school building, running, pushing, tripping, etc, is prohibited.
  2. Wear safety glasses when appropriate and where appropriate. Eye safety devices are provided for all students, instructors and visitors who are engaged in or observing the use of materials or equipment, which may potentially damage the eyesight.
  3. Wear proper clothing for activities in physical education, art, technology and science.
  4. Follow special instructions and regulations carefully.
  5. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. Slippers and bare feet are prohibited in the building.
  6. Skateboards, roller blades, “heelies,” and roller skates are prohibited from school grounds except for authorized school activities.