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Students can expect to receive regular homework assignments determined by their teachers. Homework provides excellent opportunities for developing good study habits, providing for individual differences and abilities, and encouraging self-initiative on the part of the student.

Parents and the school share the responsibility for student learning.  Parents can assist their child/ren with homework by:

  • Providing a study area free of distractions and with good lighting.
  • Asking questions about the content of student homework.
  • Giving requested assistance, but letting the student do his or her work.
  • Avoiding undue pressure.
  • Helping create a “homework habit” at the same time each night.


Honeoye Central School believes that parental involvement in student homework is essential to making homework an integral part of the educational program. Parents should encourage and monitor homework assignments. If a student feels that he/she has an excessive amount of or too little homework, a conference with the school counselor is suggested.

Students who are absent will need to plan on spending time after school to get caught up on missed instruction and homework. Parents may request schoolwork on the first day of an absence by phoning the High School or Middle School Office and requesting homework by 9:30 am each day of an absence.


revised 2018