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School Bus Conduct


All students riding school buses are expected to maintain good conduct while traveling. All school rules apply while students are riding the buses. Discipline problems will be referred in writing by the bus driver to the Building Principal. The penalty for continued misbehavior may range from suspension from riding the bus to suspension from school. In order that the bus ride to and from school may be safe, students must:

  1. Observe classroom conduct and keep noise at a low level.
  2. Keep hands, feet and all possessions inside the bus and to themselves.
  3. Cooperate with the bus driver.
  4. Sit in seats assigned by the bus driver.
  5. Stay in their seats and keep the aisle clear at all times.
  6. Hold musical instruments on their laps or between their legs
  7. Seek prior approval before bringing atypical school related items on the bus.
  8. Be courteous and use no profane language.
  9. Keep the bus clean.
  10. Not eat or drink on the bus.
  11. Not smoke on the bus.
  12. Not damage or tamper with the bus or equipment.
  13. Not fight, push or shove.
  14. Not leave school grounds and then board a late bus.
  15. Not bring pets on the bus.
  16. Not bring flammable material on the bus.
  17. Not bring skateboards on the bus.