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Arrive at the designated lunch detention room at the start of the lunch period and a cafeteria monitor will bring lunch to the student.



This is a ninth period program for students who have violated school rules. Detentions are held from 2:10-3:15 pm, Monday through Friday. Detention is given to students for academic purposes or as a disciplinary measure. Students must bring work or reading to do quietly during the detention period. The following information should be helpful:

School detention will be held daily. Students are responsible for letting their parents know.
Administrative detention will be assigned to students only by the administration or designee. This in no way prohibits teachers from personally requiring a student to stay in their room before or after school for help and/or a teacher imposed detention
Students who are disruptive, late or skip school detention without a valid excuse approved by administration will be assigned additional disciplinary action: additional detention, in-school suspension, or out-of-school suspension and a parent conference.


Should a conflict (i.e. doctor/dentist appointment) arise with a student’s detention assignment, parents should contact the either the MS or HS Office by a note or phone call to have the student’s detention assignment changed. No student will be excused from detention without prior administrative permission.