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Student Automobile Use and Parking


Student parking is a privilege that the District extends to licensed, registered, and insured Senior and National Honor Society students. All student vehicles must be registered with the High School Office.

  1. Students will be considered for vehicle registration tags when the completed registration form is turned in along with a photocopy of the student’s license, the student’s insurance card, and the vehicle’s registration.
  2. All vehicles parked at school during the school day must have the proper parking tag. Parking tags must be placed in the upper corner of the driver’s side windshield.
  3. Parking tags may be used only on the car that has been registered. If you change cars, you must notify the High School Office.
  4. The lot accessed by Allens Hill Road is for student parking. Students will be assigned a parking space. Parking is prohibited in the bus loop, the elementary drop-off loop, along Route 20A, along Allens Hill Road, and in visitor/handicapped areas.
  5. Maximum speed on school property is 10 mph unless otherwise posted.
  6. Students must drive safely without horseplay or recklessness.
  7. Students are not allowed to go out to the parking lot during the school day unless they have permission from the High School Office.
  8. The school administration reserves the right to enter or search any vehicle upon suspicion of violation of the school’s drug and alcohol regulations or other rules.
  9. Violation of any of these regulations, or any other school regulation, may result in temporary or permanent suspension of a student’s parking privilege. Such action will be reported to parents and the parking tag will be collected.
  10. Vehicles that are not registered with the High School Office, or vehicles belonging to students whose privileges have been suspended will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.
  11. Students with Junior Licenses can only have one (1) passenger in their car at any given time while operating the vehicle per NYS traffic law. Parents and students are reminded that it is their responsibility to know and comply with all NYS traffic laws while driving to and from the school and while driving on school property.


Students who wish to park on campus must complete a student driving permit application (refer to previous section).  Those approved will be given a parking tag permitting them to park in assigned parking spaces in the Allens Hill lot.  Failure to abide by the rules in the application may result in suspension of the parking privilege, and/or other disciplinary action. It is essential that students model safe and appropriate driving habits, with special consideration placed on slow speed and vigilance because we share facilities with the elementary school.


In order to avoid unnecessary accidents, students should walk their bikes when they are near the school. The school will not assume the responsibility for their security.  Bike riding is prohibited on campus on school days from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.